Monday, June 3, 2013

In 5 minutes...

Nate had to leave for work about 5 minutes before I was done getting ready one morning, so I put Hattie in a bouncy chair in the bathroom and let Griff continue eating his breakfast at the coffee table.  In the 5 minutes it took me to finish getting ready, the following took place. 
First, I hear Griff yell, "Mama, look! look! Come Quick! Cooper is allll dirty!"  I race into the living room to find this.
Griffin had gotten the cereal box down off the kitchen counter (which someone forgot to put away, I won't name names:) and dumped the entire thing on the coffee table.  Then he proceeded to crunch it all up and throw it on Cooper. Cooper was happily licking up the mess and Griff was having a blast.  Whew.  (PS-a few days later he tried this with oatmeal...was not as easy to clean up:(.)
While I was cleaning up that mess, Griff snuck into his room and opened his dresser and emptied his entire disposable diaper stash on his bed.  I think this was his art project for the morning.  He named this piece, "Diaper Mountain."
So just a reminder that if you have 5 minutes of probably also have 20 minutes of clean up waiting for you:).

Another PS-he tried this to Nate too....Nate had both kids for dinner and bedtime while I was at a shower and Griff snuck into the basement for 5 minutes and found Cooper's dog food bag.  When Nate found him he was throwing dog food all over and just watching Cooper eat it up.  What a little sneak!

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