Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Two Peas

How cute are these two? I know I already mentioned that Griffin was in brotherly love with Hattie, but here is more evidence.
Griffin especially loves to join Hattie under the Deep Blue Sea.

Griff has not forgotten about his other pea.  And Cooper's friend Louie joined us for a week back in March.  It was crazy but Griffin was constantly entertained:).

Griff loves dogs....can you tell?

When Hattie is playing under the Deep Blue Sea, Griff likes to read to her, bring her nuks and burp towels, and just snuggle in.

Here they are, "playing."  I think it's the beginning of peek-a-boo, show-and-tell, and singing lessons.
And here is a moment I missed for the most part, but I did catch the tail end of Griff teaching Hattie that, "Mama's coffee is hot," and who knows what came next, Happy Birthday, etc.
He espcially likes to snuggle in bed.
But no matter where she is, he's always concerned about her and it quite possibly is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

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