Friday, May 3, 2013

The roof is on fire

I already wished Griff a Happy 2nd birthday, many times.  But, I also wanted to remember how we spent the actual day.
We woke up and did a little golf cart riding.

Then we headed to the course for some practice.

The we packed a picnic lunch and headed to the pool.

Then we went to Jalepeno's for dinner.  Jalepeno's is a Savannah favorite for us.  It's a loud, family-friendly place with decent, cheap Mexican food.  It's also fun for birthdays because they sing a funky version of Happy Birthday.  "The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire!" The whole restaurant claps and it's a nice big embarassing scene.  Since it was just Nate, my mom, Griff, Hattie and me, it was fun for us to make a big deal for Griff's 2nd birthday.
He didn't want to wear the hat, so Meme did. :)  Happy Birthday Griff....more to come on the Par-Tee:)

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