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Pinterest Challenge: Birthday Par-Tee Edition

I wish I could take credit for all of the creative ideas I found for Griffin's 2nd Birthday Par-Tee.  But alas, Pinterest gets most of the credit.  So without further ado, I thought it was only fitting for the Spring Edition of the Pinterest Challenge, that I pay homage to the one website that could waste more of my time than all others.  The Pinterest Challenge was invented by Katie at Bower Power, and Sherri at Young House Love.  In the last few editions of the Pinterest Challenge, I have made nursing covers, a Capiz light fixture, painted a duvet cover, fabric art, and personalized onesies.  I've also been inspired by other Pinterest Challengers (ie Katie Bower and this cedar shim mirror).  Isn't there some quote about how copying something is the best way to compliment it?  Well then Pinterest really is a big compliment party.

When I began thinking about Griffin's 2nd birthday, I wanted it to be a golf-themed, party.  He was born on Master's weekend (we had it on the whole weekend in the hospital, though I don't think I remember a single moment of it--more important things happening I guess:) and he LOVES golf.  He picks up anything remotely shaped like a golf club and starts swinging.  He even picked one of the decorative reeds out of a vase and tried to hit a golf (whiffle) ball. He got so frustrated that it was too bendy that he ended up just picking up the ball and throwing it.  Smart dude.
So before I get into what I did for his party, here were my inspirations:
These festive Easter cupcakes (from Skinny Taste) got me thinking the coconut could be like grass...
And then I found these....(originally pinned and emailed by my mom) to give credit where credit is due--thanks mom!
 Which lead me to this entire post about a "Cool and Classic Golf Par-Tee." from the Hostess with the Mostess Blog

Not to mention, in Meme's version of the Pinterest Challenge: Spring Edition, Pinterest gave her the amazing idea to get Griffin a golf cart.  The only bad thing about it is that he won't actually remember getting a golf cart.  He'll see the pictures.  He'll see how cute he was and how excited he was to get it, and this experience will add to his overall joyfulness, but he won't remember the feeling of lifting up the blanket to see his very own golf cart underneath.  We will.  And it was awesome.
Look at the joy in that smile:) 

I was also inspired by all of the argyle seen at this party:

So here's what I came up with:


Goodie Bags: (You can't see but beneath the Easter fake grass in the goodie bag is a golf ball that says, "Griffin's 2nd Birthday Par-Tee")  I ordered the golf balls from
Banner: (Sorry terrible crashing, no editing!)
Place Settings:

My sister-in-law has made coconut cupcakes before but before I could ask her for the recipe, I found this recipe, from Ina Garten.  It just so happens that this is the recipe she uses too!  Oh and beware, the cupcakes and frosting together call for 6 sticks of butter...whew!  I just used the craft paper from the banner and straws to make the flags and marshmallows for golf balls!  Oh and dyeing the coconut was super easy, just food coloring and mix!

The Par-Tee was a hit!  4 great grandmas and 1 great grandpa, all grandparents except Pa who had to travel to a work conference.  Almost all Aunts and Uncles and ALL of his favorite cousins.  Here is the birthday boy greeting cousin Levi....
And here he is saying hello to Wesley....
 Baby sister Hattie was there too, don't want to forget....oh yeah, and it was a snowy April 12th in Minnesota...ugh.  At least the big party last year was nice!
He was very excited to get his birthday cupcake....candles are very intriguing these days...
2 candles, 1 flag/pin and 1 golf ball for the big 2 year old!
His argyle shirt was already gone at this point, thankfully before getting green coconut grass all over it.
Like most kids, I think his favorite part of the party was opening presents.  Mostly because Levi was his biggest cheerleader saying, "WHAT'S IT GONNA BE??!?!?!!" every time he started on a new present.  In fact a wee k later on our way to Wesley's birthday party, Griffin told me he was going to say, "What's it gonna be, Wesley!?!"

Griffin's 2nd birthday Par-Tee was a hole-in-one (or two?)!  Especially considering we had a day and half to put together after getting back from Savannah!  Sadly, he will not actually remember this day, but the pictures will remind him what joy we all had in celebrating his second year of life and wishing him well in his third.  

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