Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hattie: 3 months!

A few days ago (May 25th to be exact) marks Hattie having been with us for 3 months.  I'm not even going to comment on how fast that time has gone, and how at the same time it feels like she's been with us always (oh, wait, I guess I just did).
As a 3 month old, Hattie is sweeter than ever.  She has started to giggle a little (prompted when she heard me giggle and when Griffin tickled her belly button!), she is much more aware and spending a lot of her time awake and taking it all in.  She still likes her "Deep Blue Sea," but likes to be propped up 'sitting' even more.  She wants in on all the action and is so content to sit and have a conversation with me for an hour (what a girl!).
She is probably about 13 1/2 pounds-ish? She still has blue eyes (very similar in color to Griff's), strawberry blond hair (which is starting to be patchy from some falling out and her head growing so fast!).  We have been experimenting with our newborn cloth diapers while at home and she still spits up just like big brother Griff.  (Thanks Woodbury gene pool:).  She also got the sweat gene from the Engasser gene pool, tough combo on her neck and other crevices that spit up gets stuck in:).
She is starting to be very predictable and regular in her schedule, especially her eating.  She wakes up about 5/6 AM for a snack, and goes right back to sleep only to really wake up around 7:30.  She eats about every three hours (7, 10, 1, 4, 7) and then a final top off at about 8:30.  Her naps are a little less predictable, she goes down pretty well about an hour and a half to two hours after being awake, but usually only sleeps for about 45 minutes.  In the afternoon, she wants to sleep for about 2 hours but she wakes up halfway through (and will happily go back to sleep if I hold her:). 
She's usually pretty content, loves to face out now in the baby bjorn and especially loves when big brother Griff plays with her, and boy does he love to teach her things.  "Hattie, Mama's coffee is hot."  "Hattie, this is a car." "Mama, Hattie said, 'eyebrow'!"
Each month we fall deeper and deeper in love with this precious baby girl we have been so blessed to have join our family. 

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