Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mall Rats

I never dreamed of how much I would appreciate Mall Play Areas.  I'm not really a "mall" person myself, as I don't really enjoy shopping.  I'm more of an online shopper, or maybe just a few trips a year.  Anyway, winter in Minnesota leaves few options "free" options, especially when the temperature is hovering around zero.

Needless to say one of our favorite pastimes has become hanging out at Mall Play areas.  The people who invented these things are geniuses.  There's a Caribou nearby and the stores surrounding the area are all toy stores, kid hair cut stores and Baby Gap.  This is one of Griff's favorite places to take his girlfriends.  Here he is with Mara, driving her around in the school bus.

And here he is driving Emma in a spaceship.

And here is a post-mall-date dinner with Charlotte.

 Oh and when we don't want to park and walk all the way into the mall, there's also a firetruck at Babies R Us, where Griff can drive Bert and Ernie....
 And lots of "tractors" at Home Depot that he loves to sit on.  While winter is allllmost over, we've definitely been a little creative lately (we just went to a store that I knew had a Thomas Train Table) with what to do when he doesn't already have a date set up.  I feel like everything out of my mouth has been, "When it gets warm....we can do_____." (golf, mowing, climbing at the park, swimming, etc.)

Here's hoping that spring is just around the corner, because I'm a little hesitant to try these things with two in tow....I'm much more likely to take a trip to the park two blocks away:).

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