Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

He is Risen, Indeed!  Not sure where Easter eggs fit into all of that...but Griffin and I dyed Easter eggs for the first time this year.  Well, dyed is an overstatement.  More like tinted?


 We got out snacks, added the tablets to water (it said vinegar for bold colors and water for pastels they meant barely visible).
 We also got out plan b, just in case the dying didn't work....
 We were patient, though it didn't help.
 Griffin wanted so badly to eat the eggs so it was good we had pretzels out instead.
After like twenty minutes in the's what they looked like.  The red gave us the pink-ish one which is really the only identifiable color.
So we got out the hairdryer and used the shrink wraps....though most of the eggs were too fat (so the football only wrap is more like a hat).
 When all else fails, just give the kid an egg to peel.   That lasted about 10 minutes!

 And when you still want to decorate eggs and you're working with a toddler, just get out the stickers.  Which is what we probably should have done from the beginning:).

Happy Easter!  We're off to church, brunch and to hunt for some eggs!

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