Monday, March 25, 2013

Crib Jumping

Yup.  It happened.  Griff started crib jumping one week after Hattie was born.  I might just be naive, but I really don't think it was an attention-grabbing move, more of a I-like-to-climb-on-everything-move. 
It all began during one afternoon nap following a cousin playdate (and we are not blaming them for teaching him bad habits, because Levi claims he told Griff, "climbing is a bad idea, Griff.").  He went down fine, I heard him talking, singing, the usual.  Then all of the sudden I heard pitter-patter-pitter-patter (as in an elephant pitter-patter) and then, "MAMA!"  I opened the door to see him standing right there.  Smiling at me.  It shocked me a little since he had never shown any interest in climbing out of his crib, but I should have seen it coming since everything has become a stool to climbing on other things.
I had to think fast.  Hattie was about to wake up and eat and I didn't have time to spend an entire Griffin nap, not napping, let alone putting together his toddler bed by myself with two kiddos!  I used the first thing I could think of.  Bribery.  Lollypop bribery.  I told him if he stayed in his crib for his nap time, he would get a sucker when he woke up.  I put him back down, repeated the bribe several times and left. 
A few minutes later, I heard him jump again.  Run to the door.  Stop then run back to his crib.  I opened the door just in time to see him trying to climb back into bed.  He started whiny/crying, "I want to go in my bed!"  Duh, he realized no sucker as soon as his feet hit the floor!:)
So I put him back in and decided to give him one more chance.  He did it.  He slept, he stayed in his crib and he called for me to get him when he woke up.
As soon as Nate got home, I locked myself in Griff's room with the tools and toddler rail change-out stuff and got to work.  When I was done, Nate and I took Griff in to see his "Big-Boy-Bed."  He climbed right in, turned around, sat down and beamed the biggest, proudest big-boy smile.  We told him that since he is a big brother he gets a big boy bed.  The rule for the big boy bed is that when he wakes up, he has to call Mommy and Daddy before getting out of bed.  We practiced him calling for us a few times so he could get out of bed, which was so fun for him.  I also did some last minute toddler-proofing in his room (after reading this heart-wrenching post) and we put him to bed in his big boy bed.  We gave him lots of reminders about calling for Mommy and Daddy when he woke up, gave him lots of hugs and kisses and told him we were sooo proud that he got a big boy bed.
He did it.  Night after night, nap after nap.  The first few times, we heard him get up and then get
back in bed to call for us.  Smart boy. 
Then about a week after the transition, a slight regression.  A slightly hilarious regression.  About 20 minutes after I had put him down for a nap, I hear him yelling, "Mamma...I need to wash hands!"  You know what the first thought was that ran through my mind and my heart sank.  The way I wanted to spend Griffin's naptime was cleaning poop off everything.  So I interrupted feeding Hattie to go assess the situation.  I open the door to find him covered from head to toe in white goo.  The culprit?  Lotion.
I quickly got him cleaned up.  There was lotion on his face, on his hands, on his clothes, shoes, even a little on his diaper....
Then I snapped a few quick pics.  His room looked like a lotion-tornado had hit it.  I think my first mistake was that I hadn't closed his armoire completely.  He can't open it when it's closed, so I must have left it open.  Well, everything was taken out of its spot and subsequently covered in lotion.  His naptime was spent doing laundry, but a much cleaner variety:).
I soooo wish I would have had the forethought to take his picture before getting him cleaned up (and calling poison control), but alas my mother-instinct prevailed.

The entire debacle was hilarious and it took everything in me to keep uttering, "Oh noooo," and not bursting into laughter and joining the finger-painting fun.  He felt pretty bad.  He was very excited for the mess to be cleaned up and to get back into bed. 

This is the only real set-back as far as the toddler-bed transition has gone, and we are incredibly proud of Griffin who made the transition so well.  We had debated for a long time before Hattie came what to do about Griffin's crib/toddler bed situation.  The only advice that seemed to be pretty consistent, was "change them wayyyy before the baby comes, or wayyy after the baby comes."  Too many transitions at one time can be confusing. 

Well, we did it literally as the baby came (because once they jump, you can't keep them in a crib), and it was perfect timing for Griff.  Anytime someone comes to see the baby, Griffin gets to show them his big-boy-bed and he's soooo proud of it.  Now, a few weeks later, it's a non-issue and he really does still love his bed, loves his bedtime and loves his naps.  We are are soooo proud of our big boy Griff.

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