Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Brotherly Love

I know most moms of newborns say this, but I am in love.  I am sooo in love with my daughter, Hattie.  I am so in love with my son, Griffin.  (I'm also sooo in love with my husband:).  But what caught me off-guard with this whole two kids thing, was how much I am in love with the two of them loving each other.
Griffin adores Hattie.  It's been almost a month now, so I think the newness of it all has worn off, and what's left is really that he loves her.  He cares about her and when she cries he wants me to feed, burp, change her or pick her up.  He wonders where she is when he wakes up and doesn't see her.  He wants to hold her.

She too lights up when she hears his voice.  Especially his laugh.  When he's really belly laughing, she looks around as if she's trying to find him.  He plays a game with her too when she's waking up and as soon as they lock eyes, he says, "there's Griffy, Hattie, there he is Hattie!"
He wants to show-off for her.  Any activity that he's doing (shooting hoops, eating, building a tower, running) lasts twice as long if we just tell him that Hattie is watching.  He even yells as he's doing his nighttime sprints, "WHOAH Hattie, Griffy running fast!"

He's still learning how to be gentle.  And I certainly would never leave him alone with her because he's a two-year old (almost) and just doesn't get it.  But with supervision he is an amazing little helper.  He loves to go find a "da" (pacifier) or burp towel whenever I need one, and he loves to help give her a da, bring her a blanket, wipe her face when she sneezes and pat her back to help burp her.  He even gives her kisses.

I really am absolutely amazed at how well he has handled having a baby sister so far.  I know that regressions may come (and are normal), but so far I'm shocked.  Not that I thought he would be mean to her, but I did think he'd be more jealous.  He's so patient with her and me.  If he wants to go downstairs and I'm feeding Hattie, I just tell him that as soon as I'm done feeding her we can go down.  And he doesn't bat an eye, just plays with something else until I'm ready.  I'm trying to in turn tell her that she has to wait when I'm doing something with Griffin so that he sees that she has to wait for him too. 

One of his favorite things to do is just lay next to her.  When he sees her sleeping somewhere, he asks to just lay by her. 

If the two of them snuggling together doesn't bring you to tears, you aren't an emotional post-partum mom who's so in love with her kids, there really aren't words to do it justice.  My heart is overflowing with love for them.  Nate and I have been sneaking into Griffin's room while he's sleeping just to catch a glimpse of our sweet little boy who has so graciously taken on his role of big brother.  Hattie is one blessed baby sister, and we are soooo blessed to be their parents.

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