Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Say it don't spray it...

Here are a bunch of spray paint projects lumped into one good old fashioned craft day.  Most of the items getting a spray makeover are from thrift stores, Target dollar section and Ikea.  And, most of the items will end up in Griffin's big boy room or Baby Sister's room.
First I primed the items with a coat of primer.
Then I sprayed them their selected color (some got a gray coat, some got a white coat (though I wouldn't call them Dr.'s...hehe) and some got a mauve purple coat.
Phase 2: Adding details
Piggy bank went from white to gray and had to get a new face. Plain wooden sailboat went from light wood to gray with yellow details

This one is a secret project...only to be revealed after baby sister is born, but it is our old address sign from when we re-did the post.
And there you have it...killing a bunch of birds (or unwanted animals, buckets, clocks) with one stone (or a couple of bottles of spray paint:).  Be on the lookout for where these items end up either in Griffin's big boy room or Baby Sister's room!

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