Friday, February 8, 2013

Pushing Buttons

I'm not sure if it's the anticipation of the new baby or just Griffin is approaching 2...but he definitely knows how to push my buttons, and I his.

Griffin is not doing a great job transitioning from one thing to the next.  Even if the "next thing" is a thing he likes.  It's taking him awhile to warm up to the idea whatever it is.  Examples: putting on his coat, going to kid's class, going home, eating, bathtime, story time, song time, sleep time.  Basically everything.

So the other day we were at MOPS and having lunch with all of his friends and their moms and he didn't want to eat.  He wanted to run.  Picture me (8 1/2 months pregnant) chasing a fast 2 year old around, just trying to make sure he doesn't push the handicapped door opener button and escape into the zero degrees parking lot.

I decided to call it quits on lunch, then the headache became putting on his coat.  And his hat.  And being carried because he can't be trusted to walk.  And not riding the elevator back downstairs.  Ugh.  In the process he has started this new head banging/flailing thing.  And he banged his head right into my teeth.  Ugh again.

I didn't lose my temper but I was mad and hurt.  I put him in his carseat without our usual banter about any and everything.  I drove us home without honoring his requests to listen to the Muffin Man or Mumford and Sons.  We pulled into our garage, I took a deep breath and resolved to show him patience and to remember that he is a toddler and sometimes his actions aren't his own, and that self-control will be taught but we're not there yet.

I tried to put on my happy face and walked to his door.  I opened the door.  He smiled and said, "I like mamma hair," and he gently grabbed at a piece of my hair. 

He sure does know how to push my buttons.  Good or bad...I think on this day, I'll choose to forget all of our mid-day struggles and just dwell on the fact that "Giffy like Mamma hair."

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