Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kitchen Update: Done!

We're calling it done.  Eventhough there are still things to be done.  A few minor things: paint touch ups, a few trim areas that need fixing and our dishwasher has yet to be attached back to the countertop.  But for the most part, it's done!  Phewfda.  In case you need a reminder, this is what we started with when before we started the renovation process and it was around our 4 year anniversary being in this home that we decided to tackle the big kitchen renovation.  In case you weren't following along, 3 weeks in, this is as far as we had gotten.  But now we're done!

 Pre-Move in....

 January 2009 (Post-Move in, Post Phase 1 kitchen remodel)

To finally an open kitchen/dining room today!
 Pre-Move in....
 January 2009 (Post-Move in, Post Phase 1 kitchen remodel)
...To today! Cabinets that reach the ceiling and aren't disgusting and an open view to the living/dining area!
 Pre-Move in...
 January 2009 (Post-Move in, Post Phase 1 kitchen remodel)
 ....and today!  Added cabinets under the window and wrapping around the corner, built in microwave and a new tile floor.
 And one last look at how closed in the kitchen was......

Ta-Dah! To how wide open, bright and functional it is now!  Plus, look at all those cabinets that now encase the giant fridge!

And one final look.....just in time for February:)

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