Monday, February 25, 2013

Big (ish) Boy Room

Griffin's big boy room is done.  Well as done as it's going to get any time soon.  It's pretty much the same layout as his nursery (see an old bedroom makeover).  We did get him a new crib from IKEA that converts into a toddler bed, but it's also pretty low to the ground which I like.  The Car Wall Art was a new project, and the bookshelf is the same one only in black (IKEA Expedit), which was in our basement bathroom.  Otherwise the window treatments, rug, chair, etc. are all his original furniture.

The armoire was relocated from the office and was made over to be an actual closet.  The changing table is the changing pad that hides under the armoire.

This wall was a series of projects and is probably the part of his room that is most incomplete as it will probably morph as time goes on.  I do love how Pa's truck looks up top though:).
The small white frame (which I forgot to get a close-up of) is a really cool sign that my roommate from college made for Griff.  It has his name, DOB, height weight, time etc.  It's awesome and she's so creative.

I got the play table at IKEA for $7.99 and the chairs were garage sale finds and a gift from Nate's grandmother.
The wall art on the left is where his baby weight (for the first year) art (painted by my great grandfather) used to hang.  The new art is actual a magnetic car scene that has some magnet pieces that Griff loves to play with.  That was a Meme find.

See any of my spray paint projects?

The G. A. W. hooks were a Michael's find by my awesome sister-in-law who went to a bunch of different Michael's just to get Griff and Levi their initials:). 
The artwork station was inspired by my friend Keidra who made one for her daughter Charlotte.  It houses crayons, paper and play-doh.  All of which we are totally into right now.
Oh, and it's all from IKEA in that kitchen organization section.
The last step to finalizing Griffin's big boy room is attaching the furniture to the walls.  At least the big stuff.  After reading this, I was sufficiently freaked-out enough to finally do it.  That way when Griff is in a big-boy bed we will already have everything ready.  He will be a big brother any moment now, or maybe after this posts, he already is.....only time will tell!!

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