Friday, February 22, 2013

Baby Sister's Room

So here is baby sister's room.  It's not 100% done, but done enough...and ready for her arrival, hopefully some time in the next week:)!  It's a full moon on Monday, so here's hoping to that wive's tale.  We started out by NOT painting the room.  This is my favorite color room in the house (it used to be our office and it used to be alllllll green).  It's a dark grey now (I think it's Dovetail by Sherwin Williams) and I actually LOVE the paneled walls.  Got the rug from Ikea for $19.99 and aside from some accessories, everything else was moved from another location in our house!
The corner armoire, book shelf, changing table and crib were from Griffin's room (and originally from Craigslist), the chair was in our office but got a makover before landing in its final destination.


The baby scale in the corner is a vintage baby scale that was my mother's baby sister's great grandpa Charlie's.

The bedding is from Dwell Studio (circa 2009) and was pretty tough to find.  But, my mom is an expect at scouring the internet, making phone calls and learning new languages to track down the discontinued pieces.  And she did it.  Successfully.  Wow.
The wood oval wall art is not finished (well it is, but it's facing the wrong way--hint: the other side has her name on it!:), and the picture frames will obviously get pictures of baby sister.

The changing table area is stocked with the newborn cloth dipes, blankets and burp towels, though were hoping she doesn't spit up quite as much as Griff did:).

And of course I had to invest in some girly accessories.  Though I'm not a huge "pink fan," I'm a fan of I found a few on Etsy to spruce up her possibly bald little head:).

She could come any day....and we are 'patiently' waiting for her arrival!

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