Thursday, January 10, 2013

Poang and Hang

So I promise I will get udpdate kitchen pics up soon, but you can tell that since I've started to tackle a few baby related projects, most of the kitchen stuff is actually back in the kitchen.  Yay. 

Phase one: Poang. There's a quick backstory to where this chair came from, but you've probably all seen the Ikea Poang chair.  Well, when I moved in to the house my roommates and I lived in for 2 years in college, "Reservoir," this chair was waiting for me in my room.  Who knows how many college kids had used the chair before I inherited it, but the lax girls who lived there before us seemed pretty clean, so I kept it.  When Nate and I packed up a Uhaul to haul me back to Minnesota from DC, it fit, so we took it.

Anyway, it's kind of been that chair that we don't use, but it always sits in front of my desk.  I decided it was time for a makeover.  First I stripped it of the cushion, took out the padding and washed it all.  When it was just a frame, I taped off the non-wood parts and got out a can of spray paint.  I used Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze (because I had one leftover from something else).
After two thin coats of spray paint.... 
....and a fresh fabric wash....we have a new chair for Griffin's room ("baby seeeeester" as Griff affectionately refers to her, will get his upholstered rocker).
Phase two: Hang.  We got this awesome armoire from a client of Nate's.  They were moving to Florida and needed to get rid of all of their furniture.  It was being used as storage for our office stuff, like paper and the printer.  The office has now been the laundry room. :)

I picked up a metal hanger pole at home depot for about $10, plus two hanger pole kits for $5 each, for a total of $20.  First thing was to cut the pole to size.  I measured and marked it and then got out Nate's my saws-all and started sawing.

Then I got out my drill and drill bits to hang the pole-hanger kits.  Unfortunately the drill bit that was missing was the one I needed....but by the looks of the screws that came with the kits, the next size up looked like it would work too.  I'd usually go one size down, but in this case it didn't seem to matter.

So I attached the pole-hanger parts to the insides of the dresser and then attached the poles.  And voila!  A new armoire to hang Griff's clothes in!  Now we can start the process of moving Griff's old furniture (white crib, armoir, bookshelf, etc.) to baby sister's room and then we can move the dark wood furniture to his room!   Nesting here we come!

 (PS-can you tell the kitchen is finally done?! Now I can focus on baby's room! Oh, and final pics on the kitchen coming soon!)

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