Monday, January 14, 2013

Our family Xmas 2012

What I mean by "our family," is just Griff, Nate, Cooper and myself.  We celebrated on Christmas Eve morning since every other minute the week before and after Christmas was booked with other Christmasy things.  Even though Griff won't remember this "Christmas morning" we wanted it to feel like Christmas morning, so we can start creating traditions of our own.
Griff was excited to open presents (at first).  We just got a few things, knowing he would get plenty from our other Christmas celebrations.  
After opening, we took advantage of the warm-ish weather and went to the park near our house for some sledding and Cooper frisbee time.
Griffin's love of sledding began in his cousin Levi's backyard when the dads pulled them around in circles "chasing" each other.  So, Griff insists that "Dadda push you."  I'm fine with that:).
It was a little "too bright" according to Griff, so we didn't last long.  Just long enough to tucker Cooper out before bringing him to all of our other Christmas stuff.
We got home and enjoyed some new fun toys....
Ate some lunch...
Played some more...
Sunggled....and took naps.  (Unfortunately too short with a mid-nap neighbor visit which caused barking that woke the little guy up....)

Then we got ready for Christmas Eve...stay tuned!

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