Monday, January 7, 2013

New Perspectives

I've been dreading writing this post, though it has been in the works in my head for weeks, maybe months.  Why dread it?  I want to say it just right.  Rather than stating my New Year's Resolutions like I did last year, this years resolution is more theme based. Here goes.

Before we had Griffin, people had told us that "everything would change," "nothing will ever be the same," and in some ways I can see where they are coming from, life with a child has to change.  But Griffin so readily acclimated to life in our family and he has always been so easy to read that I just kept waiting for that moment when "everything changed."  
Everything did change in the love that grew out of nowhere for him.  And we made adjustments in our lives, but all of the sudden, we had Griffin, we still had each other and things really didn't seem to change all that much; life with Griffin was natural, the way it was meant to be.
It was only recently (this past summer) that I realized for me what it meant that everything would change.  My perspective.  Griffin is at such a communicative stage in his life and because we are so blessed to get to spend everyday together, we know each other well.  It's almost like I can read his mind.  My perspectives changed.
Instead of thinking about what I'd like to cook for Nate and me for dinner, I think about what Griffin would like for dinner.  Instead of thinking of how I would like to spend a morning, I think about how Griffin would like to spend the morning.
When I hear cars, airplanes, motorcycles, trains, I want to tell Griffin about them, even when he's not around.  When I see construction sites, I purposely drive out of my way so Griff can get a glimpse.  I agree with him when he sees anything purple and calls it, "Vikings."  We talk to each other
I play the music I know he likes, I read the books he knows and I sing the songs that he likes to sing along to.
Lst summer at one of Nate's softball games, Griffin found the one puddle that had not dried up in the entire ball park, and you know what he wanted to do....and I let him.  And he loved it.  And as much as it irked me to think about how dirty his clothes would be, how muddy his face and hair would get and how uncomfortable he'd be for the drive home, I got to laugh with him as he jumped in mud puddles.

It is amazing how early these types of preferences and interests manifest themselves in a child, and I'm sure every child is different.  I love hearing about the different perspectives mom's have and the things they look for, hear, see, and do, just to make their kids' days more enjoyable.

What amazes me even more is that Griffin's baby sister will be a completely different human being, with different interests and somehow I will learn to cater to her quirkiness as well.  I am so excited for what new perspectives she will teach me (even if it is princesses) and how she will change our lives.  I cannot wait for March 1st (ish), but in the meantime, I am keeping busy with the planes, trains, automobiles and great outdoors that Griffin seems to love so much.

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