Thursday, January 24, 2013

Giffy Go Sledding

It's no secret that Griffin loves sledding (or we love winter walks so he was forced to like sledding:). Last year he went sledding with Meme in my old snowsuit and sled, and got to try out the new sled he got his first Christmas.

So on New Year's Eve we set out with my parents (all 4) and Uncle Tom for a hike/sled.
The snow was beautiful and it was so mild.
Oh, and the dogs come could I forget!  You can barely see Coop in this one he's such a blur from running so fast.
Besides swimming, snow frisbee is his favorite.
Here we are at the end of our adventure.  Griffin loved to keep telling us that "Giffy go sledding," and that "Coopah hot."  The only creature on the planet who gets hot during Minnesota winters:).  Oh and I think this was the last day I wore my winter coat....thanks to a friend who loaned me a maternity sister is getting big! Only a few more weeks to go (well 5 to be exact).

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