Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Everyone loves a new car

Especially Griffin.  Car bedding and artwork that is.  Griffin's "big boy" room is not quite done, but here's a little preview of where it's headed.
First I got these sheets on clearance from Pottery Barn Kids.  And since I didn't need the whole set, I just got the sheets for $15! (I think they are long gone now...).

Then I took down his "nursery" artwork that I had made awhile back and decided to try to update them to fit in with the car themed sheets.

I got out basic supplies and picked up some gray and yellow fabrics.
I drew some cars on the fabric (inspired by the sheets)....
...cut them out and secured them to more fabric (using tape).
Here are the three cars I cut out, one light gray, one dark gray and one yellow.
Then I added some wheel details (to match the bedding) and put them back in the frames.
Here they are all hung up!  Griffin was ecstatic about them.  For some reason he thinks they are in water (could it be the gray background?)...anyway, he's very excited that his cars can swim.

Update: Since I finished these, I found these on Etsy.  So adorable and much more involved than mine:). However, my project was more in the $20 budget category (including the $15 sheets!)

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