Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas morning we woke up at my Mom's (Meme and Inan's as Griffin calls it) and headed back to Nate's parents for some cousin opening.  The cousins were a little unsure of a Christmas morning picutre, so this is all I got....
Furrowed brows, curled lips....
...and a few smirks.
And then they were back to wrestling.
Even after just a few hours of being awake, Griffin had already hit a wall, a nap/rest was needed...but thankfully Wesley was a new boy after a good night sleep!

Back at my mom's for round 2 (or 8?) Griff took a short nap and then was a much happier guy. 
He was enamored with Uncle Tom and his Thomas gifts:)
So was Tom....
It was a cozy morning, relaxing by the fire and enjoying family. (At least that's what my highlight reel says.)

One thing we learned throughout Christmas was that Griffin is not a snacker.  Not that he doesn't like to snack, but when he does, he doesn't eat meals.  So we cracked down on that post-Christmas.  But here he is, enjoying one of many mid-day snacks....

Well, maybe not "enjoying...."
...but it didn't stop him from going back for more:).
After my mom's for the morning, we headed to my dad's for Christmas afternoon.  More delicious food, relaxing, and present opening.
Then we were back with everyone (Meme, Inan, Nanny, Pa, Charlie, Kat, Tom, Nate, Griff and myself) at my mom's for dinner (we alternate Christmas Day dinner between my dad's and my mom's each year).
Griff enjoyed some of his new toys....
We all enjoyed a delicious meal and sitting around the fire....

And then we went back to Nanny and Pa's for one more overnight.  After breakfast on the morning of the 26th we finally headed home to unpack.  Christmas was a lot for Griff.  And a lot for Nate and me.  And while mostly enjoyable, I do reslove to be better at doing what's best for Griff ahead of my own selfish interests to want to hang out and enjoy Christmas with everyone.  The pictures are definitely the highlight reel, and it was an amazing week of family and thankfulness and celebrating the birth of our Savior.  But, behind the scenes, Griffin was tired, hungry, and overstimulated.  Is it possible to do Chrismas with little kids and not get to that point?  I'm not sure, but we'll try again next year:).  

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