Friday, January 11, 2013

50 Cent-ences

Griffin is 20 months old.  He talks, a lot.  On average, kids his age aren't quite as verbal as he is, not saying they don't understand everything he does, he just has the words to tell us he does.  It's always been an interest of his. 

He started pointing really early and when he would point at something I would tell him what it was.  So very early on he had a handful of words.

Then he graduated to phrases....

...and now, the kid speaks in sentences.  Lately I've had so many people say, "You've got to write down these the things he says!"  So here goes....

"Racoon eat our garbage! Hey racoon, stop eating our garbage!" and similarly, "Qurrells eat our pumpkins, Hey qurrrls! Stop eating our pumpkins!" (Not now, silly!  Back in October when we had pumpkins!)

Hey Griffin, how much do you weigh? "Twenty five pounds!"  Hey Griffin, how old are you, "Eighteen months!"

"Affer bath, nunie time.  Giffy run fast!"

One day when Nate picked Griffin up from Nanny and Pa's house on his way home from work, he realized he had left his coat where he had eaten lunch and he told Griff that they had to go to the Pizza Parlor to pick up dadda's coat.  To which Griffin responded, "Oh no!  Dadda left his coat at the Pizza Parlor!"  And to this day still will tell you that's where dadda left his coat.

He also knows that "Affa (after) church, Viking Football Sunday!  Giffy eat a sucker with dadda!"

At bedtime, he loves to try to manipulate the situation by asking for, "a couple more songs."  And even in the morning he's woken up, confused about if it's morning or I just put him to bed and still asks for "a couple more songs."

He's big into names.  He loves to know "who that?"  and "who else?" in reference to when we are going somewhere and I tell him who will be there.  The poor guys who worked on our kitchen got pretty tired of Griffin saying, "Hi Jesse! Hi Jesse! Hi Jesse!" every. single. day.

He also tells on himself when he's doing something he shouldn't.  He'll run up to one of us and say, "What Giffy doing?" To which you respond, "What is Griffy doing?"  and he'll tell you.  "Giffy pulling Cooper tail," "Giffy touching Mama's stuff," or "Giffy in dadda's closet."  I'm not sure when he'll outgrow that, but I'm sure it won't last forever:).

It's funny what he remembers too.  For example, we had a stretch where it was really difficult to get from the car to the house without playing golf outside.  Well now, with it being dark so early and about a foot of snow covering the ground (and most of his golfclubs burried beneath it), it's virtually impossible.  So one time I told him, "It's too dark to play golf."  Now when he gets the urge to play, he reminds himself, "Too dark to golf."  I've tried to explain that it's too snowy too, but he mostly sticks to it being "too dark."

His favorite songs to sing (or partially sing)...I do have to admit, I'm not a fan of his music taste at the moment:)
-Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep
-Mary had a little lamb
-The more we get together
-Twins Rouser
-Vikings Rouser
-Take me out to the ballgame
-Sing a song of six pence
-Happy birthday (to you Emma)
-Jesus Loves Me
-How much is that doggie in the window
-Do you know the Muffin Man?
-Pop goes the Weasel

While communicating verbally has come fairly quickly for Griffin, it is not without challenges.  In some ways things are much easier since he can communicate so well.  He can tell us he's hungry (and for what), thristy (and for what), tired, wants something, etc.  He can also tell us things he doesn't want (a diaper change, what ever is for dinner, to put on his coat, etc.).  And it's constant.  Sometimes a little quiet might be a welcome change from all the talking, but it's an interest I'm not willing to squash, so we just keep talking.

He definitely knows what he wants, when he wants it and how to ask for it.  It's especially hilarious because he refers to himself in the third person.  "Giffy want..."  "Giffy turn...."  "What Giffy doing?" We have had to learn how to be creative in times when he is determined to not do something.  Using natural consequences has helped and he is starting to learn for example that if he wants to "run fast outside," he has to first put on his coat.

He totally cracks us up.  Everyday.  In fact, one more quick story to send you into your weekend.  When I change his diaper and he has a pretty bad "stinger," I usually say something like, "Ohhhh your poor little honey buns!"  So now he's started saying while I'm changing his diaper, "OHHH honey buns!" 

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