Thursday, January 31, 2013

Operation: De-Twizzle

In other words, Griffin's first haircut. 
What prompted this haircut when his lovely blond curly locks are so well-matched to his personality?  Well, bathtime was getting a little too involved.  I was spending more and more time each night slathering up his twizzle with heavy duty conditioner and attempting to comb it out without getting giant chunks of his hair stuck in the comb.

So I set him up in his high chair, with the ipad (I wanted this to be as least-traumatic as possible and I had no idea what to expect, the kid hates having his toenails clipped).
He played a variety of youtube videos, most about lawnmowers (ironic?), cars, garbage trucks and trains.
And then I told him the big news.  You are getting a haircut.
I just did it.  He didn't bat an eye.  The whole thing took about 7 minutes.  And since I'm not like my mother and many of her generation, I will not be saving his hair in a box somewhere. This will be my final memory of his first haircut as the hair promptly hit the trash.
(Update: I did save the twizzle in a baggie for his baby that gross? I promise I will not save his teeth when they fall out)
Then I gave him a bath.  It took half the time and I anticipate this one simple act will save me precious minutes everyday that I won't need to hunch over the bathtub with my giant belly awkwardly smushed up against the tub trying to detangle the twizzle.

Nate was out showing houses when this all went down but he did catch an instagram of it and called immediately worried I had done something terrible.  But as you can see, the curls remain, just slightly more manageable.

He can still twizzle and knot up his hair, but he did spend some time flicking away phantom hairs as he got used to his new "do."
He also had to check his golf swing (superstition?) to make sure that a shorter twizzle wouldn't throw his center of gravity off.  It didn't, his swing is better than ever...bring on the summer (jk....i know we've got lots of time left). 

Though the other morning when Nate was about to take care of the freshly fallen snow before leaving for work (ie. get out the snowblower), he tried to get Griff all excited to watch and said, "Hey Griff, you know what Dadda is going to go do???"  Griffin promptly replied, "golf!"  If only.....

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Everyone loves a new car

Especially Griffin.  Car bedding and artwork that is.  Griffin's "big boy" room is not quite done, but here's a little preview of where it's headed.
First I got these sheets on clearance from Pottery Barn Kids.  And since I didn't need the whole set, I just got the sheets for $15! (I think they are long gone now...).

Then I took down his "nursery" artwork that I had made awhile back and decided to try to update them to fit in with the car themed sheets.

I got out basic supplies and picked up some gray and yellow fabrics.
I drew some cars on the fabric (inspired by the sheets)....
...cut them out and secured them to more fabric (using tape).
Here are the three cars I cut out, one light gray, one dark gray and one yellow.
Then I added some wheel details (to match the bedding) and put them back in the frames.
Here they are all hung up!  Griffin was ecstatic about them.  For some reason he thinks they are in water (could it be the gray background?)...anyway, he's very excited that his cars can swim.

Update: Since I finished these, I found these on Etsy.  So adorable and much more involved than mine:). However, my project was more in the $20 budget category (including the $15 sheets!)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Giffy Go Sledding

It's no secret that Griffin loves sledding (or we love winter walks so he was forced to like sledding:). Last year he went sledding with Meme in my old snowsuit and sled, and got to try out the new sled he got his first Christmas.

So on New Year's Eve we set out with my parents (all 4) and Uncle Tom for a hike/sled.
The snow was beautiful and it was so mild.
Oh, and the dogs come could I forget!  You can barely see Coop in this one he's such a blur from running so fast.
Besides swimming, snow frisbee is his favorite.
Here we are at the end of our adventure.  Griffin loved to keep telling us that "Giffy go sledding," and that "Coopah hot."  The only creature on the planet who gets hot during Minnesota winters:).  Oh and I think this was the last day I wore my winter coat....thanks to a friend who loaned me a maternity sister is getting big! Only a few more weeks to go (well 5 to be exact).

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

D.I.Y. for T.R.H.

My brother Tommy just moved to Chicago and now lives in a swanky Chicago apartment.  He (and my mom) decorated the place and got new (rather than college) bedding, towels, artwork etc. so I thought he might need some coffee table accompaniments.
So, I picked up some tiles...
....some sticky pads...
...some stencils and some paint.
I stenciled his initials into each tile and added the bumpers to the bottom for some custom coasters.
I think they turned out pretty well...I might have to make us a set!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Griffin might be slightly partial to the Vikings at the moment (even despite their pathetic season ending loss to the Packers), because we have just had however many weeks of football.  But he has recently started getting interested in basketball.  Or "watching dunks."  He did get their name a little confused after Nate had called them, "Timberwolves" and "Timberpups."  When Nate headed to a game one night with some buds I asked Griff where Dadda went and he said "Dadda go to watch Timbercows."  Wrong animal, right intention. :)
Anyway, for Christmas every year, Uncle Tom gets us all tickets to something.  A play, comedy show, etc.  This year we got T-wolves tickets!  Which was great because that meant Griff could come to his first Timberwolves game. 

This is what he looked like for most of the game.  He was enamored. 
We stayed until about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Longer than we had ever dreamed of making it, and we only left because it was late....he probably would have loved to stay longer.

It was a great first experience at Target Center for the guy....
Thanks Uncle Tom, it was a Christmas gift we will never forget!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas morning we woke up at my Mom's (Meme and Inan's as Griffin calls it) and headed back to Nate's parents for some cousin opening.  The cousins were a little unsure of a Christmas morning picutre, so this is all I got....
Furrowed brows, curled lips....
...and a few smirks.
And then they were back to wrestling.
Even after just a few hours of being awake, Griffin had already hit a wall, a nap/rest was needed...but thankfully Wesley was a new boy after a good night sleep!

Back at my mom's for round 2 (or 8?) Griff took a short nap and then was a much happier guy. 
He was enamored with Uncle Tom and his Thomas gifts:)
So was Tom....
It was a cozy morning, relaxing by the fire and enjoying family. (At least that's what my highlight reel says.)

One thing we learned throughout Christmas was that Griffin is not a snacker.  Not that he doesn't like to snack, but when he does, he doesn't eat meals.  So we cracked down on that post-Christmas.  But here he is, enjoying one of many mid-day snacks....

Well, maybe not "enjoying...."
...but it didn't stop him from going back for more:).
After my mom's for the morning, we headed to my dad's for Christmas afternoon.  More delicious food, relaxing, and present opening.
Then we were back with everyone (Meme, Inan, Nanny, Pa, Charlie, Kat, Tom, Nate, Griff and myself) at my mom's for dinner (we alternate Christmas Day dinner between my dad's and my mom's each year).
Griff enjoyed some of his new toys....
We all enjoyed a delicious meal and sitting around the fire....

And then we went back to Nanny and Pa's for one more overnight.  After breakfast on the morning of the 26th we finally headed home to unpack.  Christmas was a lot for Griff.  And a lot for Nate and me.  And while mostly enjoyable, I do reslove to be better at doing what's best for Griff ahead of my own selfish interests to want to hang out and enjoy Christmas with everyone.  The pictures are definitely the highlight reel, and it was an amazing week of family and thankfulness and celebrating the birth of our Savior.  But, behind the scenes, Griffin was tired, hungry, and overstimulated.  Is it possible to do Chrismas with little kids and not get to that point?  I'm not sure, but we'll try again next year:).