Monday, December 10, 2012

Leave it to Griff look cute amongst the leaves.  Fall was beautiful here in Minnesota....
...and yesterday we were reminded of how beautiful winter can be.
So before we dive in to white winter wonderland pictures, here are a few last lingering fall pics.
What I enjoyed especially about our mild fall was the ease of being able to play outside.  A quick jacket and sometimes practicing hats and mitts was all we needed (unlike our first adventure in deep snow yesterday!)
Griffin still mowed, golfed, and "ran fast," all over the yard almost every day.

He even tried to help with some seasonal chores:).

Checking in on our pumpkins was a daily adventure as each day the squirrels would get further and further into them, splaying their seeds everywhere.  Griffin picked up some funny phrases, "Hey squirrels, stop eating our pumpkins!"  and, just simply, "squirrels eat our pumpkins."

We really made the most of fall, but after being reminded of how beautiful Minnesota is when covered in a thick layer of powdery snow, we are pumped for the fun that this next season will bring!

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