Thursday, December 20, 2012

Festive Wreath

I try to add something new to my seasonal decor each year, without going totally overboard.  And while I loved the wreaths that Katy and I made last year, our new storm door prohibited me from putting it up again.  Though I realized after the fact that I put last year's wreath outside the storm door....ohh well.  Time for a change.
I wanted to use some yarn and felt I already had, so I took a trip to the fabric store and got a plain Styrofoam wreath shape thing and some clearance red and white flowery things.
I wrapped the Styrofoam in a grey-ish yarn, hot gluing it along the way for longevity.
Then I used some red and white felt and made a few flowers and hot glued them on.
And finally, I added bits and pieces of the clearance flowers to spice up the felt flowers.  Oh and a red bow to hang it!

Puuuurty huh!  Best part is that it was less than $10! Deck the halls!

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