Monday, November 26, 2012

Pretty Yummy in Pink

Well, this is pretty belated...since we found out we were having a girl on October 15th:).  But I am intent on making things special in their own way for our second child, while realistically knowing things will be different than they were the first time around.

It started with the ultrasound. Apparently finding out it's a girl isn't quite as obvious or dramatic as finding out it's a boy. We left the ultrasound being like,"Are we going with this call? Are we for sure it's a girl?" Whereas with Griffin we had clearly seen the evidence that we were having a boy.

When I got home from our appointment I started cupcakes to be exact. I just wanted to be able to tell the grandparents in a special way and since we didn't have the patience to do the give-the-envelope-to-the-bakery thing, I decided to do the baking myself.
Just plain and simple, pink cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.   I wrote "girl" on a few of them since I didn't know if all the grandparents would be home for the delivery. 
My step-dad's reaction was the best.  I wasn't there but my mom gave him the cupcake and said, it's from Lesley.  And his response was (after a bite)..."mmmm, cherry?"  Mom, "No, did you see that they were pink?"  Ian, "Oh, is it for breast cancer awareness month?"  I love it!  I thought that was even a pretty intuitive and clever response! 
I also have to admit that at first glace the baby girl clothing out in stores was unappealing as it is overwhelmingly pink.  And I am not a pink person.  But doing the cupcakes and looking at a few cute things my mom had picked up got me more in the baby girl clothing spirit....and I promise we will get the nursery ready before she arrives, but since the kitchen stuff is still camped out in there, it's just a waiting game.....

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