Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kitchen Update Week 3

Why has it taken me so long to update progress on our kitchen renovation?  Because in the first 2 weeks...nothing happened.  Yeah, our kitchen was demolished and we began life without a dishwasher/sink/over/range and very little progress, noticeable or otherwise was made.

We packed up our kitchen the weekend before Halloween.  Demo was supposed to begin on Monday but it was pushed to Tuesday. 

 So we had entirely cleared out our kitchen, dismantled our sink, removed our dishwasher....basically were living as though our kitchen were being remodeled, but nothing happened for a few days.  A preview of what was to come....
 It looked nice all cleared out.  Like a clean, fresh start.

And this is where our make-shift kitchen is.  Notice the cart in the corner with the microwave and toaster oven.  This picture was obviously taken toward the beginning of the process because today it looks much different.  For example, on top of the cart and microwave and toaster oven are boxes of cereal, Cooper's food container and you can't even see the ugly stencil design on our dining room table because it's hidden with mail, paper plates, etc.

 And this is where our kitchen stuff is.  Remember last week when I couldn't update you on our office room with a new pic?  This is why.
 One last view....before any real progress happened....
And then one day later.  Tile floor gone.  Backsplash gone (single tear since they were my first tiling projects).  Cabinets gone (no tears!).  Soffits gone. Check. Check. Check!
 Here's a better view of the floor.  The linoleum beneath my tile job has not been demo'ed yet....but it will!
 Day 2 of demo....wall framed for pass thru! And yellow pocket door gone, check!
 This is an old pic.  We actually had him lower the height of the pass thru slightly from what you see here.
Now, fast forward.  This was not my intention to fast forward so far, because I did in fact take a picture of every step, everyday...but somehow I cannot locate them on my camera.  I'm sure it has something to  do with the Apple IIGS computer I'm using (remember those!  Zany Golf was soooo much fun!).  But anyway, fast forward two weeks to today.  Which is kind of how the progress felt anyway, so maybe I did that on purpose-yeah, let's go with that.

Pass thru opened.  Kitchen re-dry-walled.  Semi-painted.  Gas line installed.  Cabinets installed. Sink back in.  Old countertops back in.  New countertops measured and awaiting install.....
Here's a look from the other side...
 Another view from the backdoor (I couldn't really get in since the tile was just layed)....look closely for a sneak peak of the new floor!
 Well here's a closer up view....
 Still to do: A lot.

-Finish floor (since we can't move the fridge out of the kitchen we have to jimmy-rig it to the other side, tile an then move it back, rinse, grout, repeat.  You get it.  Oh, and then add transition pieces between the kitchen and other rooms.

-Finish painting (re-paint ceiling, trim and touch up walls).

-Re-install: dishwasher, range and pendant above the sink

-Re-install trim (some cuts and painting still need to be made) and shelf above the fridge

-Install range hood

-Install new countertops (to go over cabinets that were previously not covered by countertops

-Install backsplash

I think that pretty much covers the major things.  As of this weekend we are back in action with a sink---wahooo!  I never thought I'd be so thankful to be able to do dishes in a real kitchen sink again!  Once the floor is in and grouted we will be able to put back in the dishwasher and oven and then will truly be back in action cooking.

Meanwhile, we are SO thankful for all of our family and friends who have helped us out by having us over for meals or sending leftovers to our house.  We promise to have you over when the kitchen is done so we can cook for you!

Oh and we're also thankful that no one is asking us to bring anything that needs to be "cooked" to Thanksgiving! :)

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