Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flashback Week: fireplace

In all of my reminiscing of how our house has progressed in the last four years, I forgot to mention one project that made a huge difference.  The fireplace.  

It's hard to isolate the fireplace in this transformation (there walls also went from turquoise to neutral:)....but here is the fireplace before.
...and after.

 It was actually a pretty easy process.  One I later repeated on the brick outside our house.  I first painted the trim white.  Which helped, but the brick surround of the fireplace was still too orange.  So we knocked out the hearth tile (came out with a hammer like a piece of cake), installed new tile (no tile cutter even needed since they came on those easy to install sheets), and white-washed the brick.
 A close up look....
So to summarize....before...
....after move in....!

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