Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flashback Week: Bathroom

I apologize in advance for the kink you will get in your neck from looking through this post.  

Happy Election Day!  Make sure to make time to vote....ps-is it okay to bring a toddler into the booth with you?

Anyway, in light of what a romantic topic voting is, today we're flashing back on our bathroom.  Remember that our house was built and decorated in the 1950's, so in case that's your style, you may find a lot of inspiration in these before shots.

Here is the before.  Tilt head to right.
Shortly after we moved in.  Tilt head left.
In remodel progress (I spray glazed the wall and shower tile white and tiled the floor).  Tilt head right...do you feel like you're doing a new kind of dance?
Installing new vanity....


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