Friday, November 2, 2012

Flashback: Dining Room

Kitchen demolition has begun and since kitchen demo will change our dining room, I thought I'd reminisce here next.  Here is the before and after and then some in-progress shots throughout the years.

This was what our dining room looked like shortly after we moved in.  We had inherited the kitchen table that I grew up with.  It was a great table and has lots of leaves to make it big enough to seat way more than can fit in our dining room. (PS-nice picture taking Lesley:)

 Last fall, one of Nate's clients was moving and basically getting rid of all of their furniture.  We inherited this beautiful round dining room table that fit the space much better.

It has a floral/fruit pattern on it that I can't wait to tackle one day, but another project, another day.
If you want a preview of our new kitchen, imagine this dining room with a half wall on the left side.  Oh and don't worry, the cedar shim mirror my dad and I made will find a new home, most likely on the opposite wall.

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