Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flashback: basement

For some reason I can't find the before basement photos.  But if you've seen a 50's basement with asbestos floor tiles and a drop down ceiling, you've seen our basement.  In fact, this is the only photo I could find and it actually is pretty accurate.  It looks as though going down into the basement was like walking into a cold and hard dungeon.  That is exactly what it was.

Not that a more recent one looks all that much less-dungeony.....but the carpet sure helps!
It's basically one big open space.  And we have loved having a carpeted room, especially for Griffin.

This picture was taken before our basement was overthrown by plastic baby toys....ugh.

There is also a fireplace opposite the loungin' area.  All we've done to it is re-paint the inside a nice deep fire-safe black and paint the brick white.  We also added a little molding to the shelf to spruce it up a bit.

Looking down the hall leads to the bathroom, which was there, we just re-finished.  And by we, I mean our friend/contractor, Jesse.  This was the first time we hired the work out, rather than tackling it ourselves myself.  I was pregnant and it just seemed like too big a job for a pregnant lady.
And here is the bathroom.  It's only a 1/2 bath, but since there is no bedroom in the basement, there wasn't really a point to add a shower.
We have absolutely loved having this extra space, especially after adding an extra body to our family!

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