Monday, November 12, 2012

Flasback Week: Bedrooms

The bedrooms of our house have also taken a dramatic transformation.  Not a spendy transformation, just a lot of elbow grease.  During the week we worked on the house before we moved in, we thankfully had the help of many family members.  We got help mainly removing wallpaper, patching walls, priming and painting. 

Both of the bedrooms (and the living/dining room) had 2 coats of wallpaper in each.  And none of them were the easy-to-remove type of wallpaper.  Each required steaming, scoring, treating and scraping to get all of the paper and glue off the wall.  

I did also end up painting the trim white, but that came much later.

So here is the hallway looking into the bedrooms....Before.

And today....
Here is Griffin's room, before...
...and today.

This is the master bedroom.  We call it that because that's our room, though it really is no bigger than the other two bedrooms, and none of them have a master closet. boo.

Here it is today....

other view before....

Looking back out the door...before...

It's amazing what a little paint can do!  We do have to thank Nate's parents on this room.  I don't even think I fully comprehend the extent of the wallpaper removal in this room because I wasn't too involved.  But they are experienced painters and this was one of their toughest jobs ever.  Enough said.

And finally, our third bedroom, which we use as an office was entirely green wood-paneled walls.  The paneling is actually quite charming since it isn't too big a space.  The green however, was overwhelming.  Everything was green.  The walls, cabinets, trim and doors.  The ceiling might have been green too.

This room was my brother Charlie's baby.  He spent hours while no one was even around painting layer upon layer of white enamel on the trims just to cover up all the green.  We call it our Cape Cod room.  The pictures below hardly do it justice, but the first one is the only semi-recent one and the other one is pretty old.  I can't take a current one because our entire kitchen is camped out in the office right now.


Just one last look at all the green.....
....ahhhh so glad it's gone!

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