Monday, October 8, 2012

Feeling Festive: Autumn Style

I've been pretty good about semi-regularly doing something crafty for the season.  For example, fun with ornaments last winter or crafting vases for the spring, so I decided I wanted to do something fall-ish.  What is more fall-ish that a wreath?  

And I'm sure if you're no stranger to internet sites like Pinterest, you've seen adorable wreaths, and if you're like me, you've probably pinned a bunch of them too (dating back to last fall).  So I broke out a Jo-Ann coupon and picked up a twiggy wreath to use as the base of my new wreath project and the rest I already had.


-wreath base (I'm sure you could make your own too)
-glue gun

They were all a little lopsided, but I guess it makes it look more homemade:).
First, I cut out a variety of sizes of felt circles.

I arranged them along the lower left quadrant of the wreath and then decided what color yarn I would use.  I settled on a light and dark gray as well as a mustard-y yellow.
Then, I braided long strands of each of the colors of yarn.  I thought it would be easier to glue onto the felt if they were braided (thicker) strands.  I was right.
The braided ones also seemed to have more texture.  Thought it seems like an extra step, it really was a lot easier in the gluing phase.  I just glued the knot in the middle of the felt circle and then just dabbed hot glue and pressed the yarn down, around and around.
When all felt circles were covered in yarn, I glued them back down to the twiggy wreath.
I tried to vary the colors but not in an exact pattern.
Then I got out some scrap burlap I had and made a bow to hang the wreath.

Here she is, all hung up and helping make my house look a little more autumny-festive (although it starting to feel like winter!).

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