Friday, October 5, 2012

creative storage

With another little one on the way, we're starting to have to get a little more creative with our storage around here.  I was raised to create a "home" for everything so that piles and clutter don't build up.  Well, there are a few things that need a home.  My camera, purse and the lighter jackets that Griff and I throw on and off as we frequent the great outdoors (our backyard).

So I pulled out my tools, the Pottery Barn shelf I got at a garage sale ($3) this summer that's in my "to-do" craft pile and picked up some knobs at target. 

First, I had to remove the one awkward hook that the previous owners had installed on the shelf.
 Clean slate.

Then I got out my trusty drill bits to pre-drill some holes to install new knobs.  Unfortunately the knobs did not suggest a drill bit size so it was a bit of guess and check.

 It was easiest to measure from the back and I decided to put up four knobs.  So I just penciled in marks equal distances apart.
 Then, drilled the holes....
 Screwed the knobs in and installed in our stairway!  There are no pics of the installation because it was pretty tricky installing while maneuvering the stairs, so I skipped right to the ta-da!
 Now our stairs have a few hooks for as I said, my camera, purse, jacket, as well as some baskets up top for hats, mittens, etc. as we enter the "chilly" season here in Minnesota.

I'm going to have to think up more creative storage in the near future since Nate's closet is in our room, mine is in Griffin's room, his is in a wardrobe in his room and the soon-to-be nursery's closet is already filled with baby "gear" (pack n' play, kokopax, etc.).  Stay tuned!

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