Friday, October 26, 2012

An engaging anniversary

Even though most of our big celebrations happen in the spring (birthdays and anniversary), we do have a few memorable dates that happen in the fall.  As I said on Wednesday, we closed on our first house on October 24th, 2008 (though we didn't move in until the 31st).

One year prior, on October 26th, 2007....Nate proposed.  It was such a memorable day, a day I had been waiting for, well, for a long time.  It was a Friday, we went for a long walk in the woodsy forest near my parents house and the rest is history.  I'll spare you the details, but it was perfect.  It was perfectly us.  We love to take walks, we love being outside and we love doing those two things together.

The point is, Nate is an amazing husband and today reminds me of the day we started planning our wedding and marriage together.

The other point is, he is incredibly good at his job, which I neglected to mention in our Home-ly Anniversary.  Nate is a realtor and he found us our first house.  He still claims that I was his hardest client to date.  Not that I was too picky, in fact, the exact opposite.  Every house I walked into, I thought was the one.  I had been watching too many HGTV remodel shows and thought I could make any house into our house.

Nate, the realtor, was the voice of reason.  He convinced me to be patient and to wait for the perfect house with the perfect price tag.  There are not too many moments in our 13 year relationship (yeah, another little first date anniversary is this month too:) that I can so convincingly say, Nate-you were right.  In all things that come with buying/selling houses, I trust your judgement.  So here's my plug to anyone reading who is looking to buy or sell their Nate.  He's the best.

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