Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My favorite Twins

....Sorry Joe Mauer and the rest of the Minnesota boys, I don't mean you.  The Paulus twins take the cake.

This is one of my best friends and college roommate Megan.  She just had baby girl twins on June 8th.  And she carried them almost until 38 weeks.  And she's an orthopedic surgeon.  Yeah, she's pretty amazing.

Meg goes back to work October 1st so Griff and I wanted to go meet Brooklyn and Hailey while she was still at home with them everyday.  So Griff and I had our first solo adventure on an airplane to Washington, DC, my old college stomping grounds.  

We arrived to a wonderful surprise question from Brooklyn if you can read carefully on her shirt..."Will You Be My Godmother?"  I am so honored and thrilled to have the privilege of being her godmother, though at first I thought it was a marriage proposal for Griffin:).

Griffin clearly was thrilled to meet the girls!  

We had such a great week!  We went for nice long walks, making sure to stop at all the parks along they way for Griff to shake his sillies out, we made yummy dinners and I got to hold the most beautiful twins I have ever seen for the whole week!
I think it was a little bit of a wake up call for Griff, as he did not get my full attention all the time.
We had to be a little creative with burning energy when he was getting restless.....
As you can see, he is like a hurricane wherever he goes.....and he knows how to destroy a room in 30 seconds flat.  He proved himself on more than one occasion at Meg's.
Griff adores Meg, whom he affectionately refers to as, "Meggie."
She read him his favorite books and tickeled him silly, leaving him asking for "more" every time.

He got lots of practice being "gentle" with the babies.
He was not interested in holding them, but did like to hold their hands.....
....and give hugs....
...and more hugs.

We did manage to get all the kiddos in their Georgetown gear, seeing as they will be class of 2033 and 2034.
This should be an advertisement for the school.  Seriously, how stinkin' cute are they!?
Griff and the ladies....future Hoyas.  And we can now add "Georgetown," and "Hoya," to his list of vocabulary words.

My other college roommate, Molly who also lives in DC made it over one night for dinner and we took this picture opportunity to share our big news with our other roommates who are spread out across the country.  A text that said, "there are 7 people in this picture, where is the 7th?" made for some hilarious comments, and finally the big reveal.

After a few days of getting to know the girls, I know Griffin loved them when he wanted to help put their nuks back in their mouths.

Even if it wasn't quite what the girls wanted....
....he wanted them to have their "da's." (His word for nuk, no idea where it came from!)
Finally we took the kiddos to Georgetown, with one goal.  To enroll them in their future courses, meet their teachers and show them our dorms, etc.  

JK!  We wanted fro-yo.
We made it to T. Sweets with not a moment to spare.  Griff was getting antsy, the girls were waking up and their bowels were movin'!  Up until this point in his life, Griff hasn't really liked ice cream.  I've commented before that he couldn't possibly be my son without sharing my love of ice cream, but he finally fell in love, with the Oreo and Snicker soft serve....just like his mama.

I didn't even care how messy he got....

....and he loved every bite of it (I think he went through 3 samples!)

What a great way to top off an amazing week with Meg, Danny, Brooklyn, Hailey and Molly.  I'm so glad I got to meet the girls and can't wait to continue to skype with them and watch them grow (from across the country).  They are such beautiful little girls, such well-behaved and predictable babies.  I am already in awe at Megan for what a wonderful mom she is and I know that as she transitions back to her other important job, she will still excel at her job as a mother.  Love you Meg! XOXO


  1. We love and miss all THREE of you so much already! We will never forget this trip--you are the best!!

    1. I miss the girls sooo much...cannot wait for our next trip together:)

    2. I miss the girls sooo much...cannot wait for our next trip together:)