Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cable....Round 3

For the third year in a row, we were blessed to spend a week with Nate's family in Cable, WI.  It is a peaceful cabin on a pristine lake in the middle of the woods.  Last year in Cable, Griff was just a baby.  It's hard to believe how much he's changed in the past year, and how much more fun the week was for him this year!

One of his favorite parts was the boat rides, although the life jacket may not have been (it's a little tight near his chinny chin chin!).

 Grandpa Dan took the little boys on a few boat rides after dinner, and it was a perfect way to wind down before night time.

I guess boys night out starts early:)

 Our week in Cable is Cooper's favorite week of the year.  It's his favorite place since he gets to play frisbee and swim all day long.
 He also gets to practice his dock jumping!

After a few rainy days we were able to get to the local story time which was held at a was adorable.  Stories, songs and a tour of the garden and chicken coups!

 Griff loved the chickens....we went inside but I wouldn't let him on the ground for fear of him treating the chickens like his good ole pal Coop.

Another morning we took our annual trip to Telemark for hike.

Louie, the newest four-legged member of the family joined us....isn't he adorable!

The newest two-legged member of the family was also there....sweet little Wesley.

 Griff rode in the back pack with his dada.
And Levi rode in the back pack with his dada, Joe.
 ...and uncle Joe took the littlest one as we meandered up the mountain.

 Louie huffed and puffed his way up.

 We stopped for a rest once we got to the top....what a view!
 Cooper was having a hay day, both up and down the mountain.
 In fact, everyone enjoyed the hike!

 The boys (and the pictures that later helped us identify that Levi did still have his shoes on-and therefore helped us find where he kicked them off:)!)
 Dada and Griff

 The kids and grandkids....

Our family...and of course it is not complete without Cooper!

The Madson fam....

 Look at the scowl....

 Since the lake water was a little chilly and the beach pretty steep, the boys had a little pool time in the blow up pool.
 I'm pretty sure this is where Griffin learned Marco-Polo, though I'm not sure how well that went in pool where it is impossible to hide!

Another highlight of the Cabin is the walk down to the point.  It's a great way to burn some energy and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Griff even let me snuggle him in the hammock for 3 seconds.

 ...maybe 4.

Grandpa Dan also taught the little guys how to fish.
 Griffin helped bait the hooks and Levi gave the fishies kisses before throwing them back.

They each caught a few....I'm pretty sure this was the one Levi called, "a really big fish!"

 Grandma and the boys....splashing at the beach!

Griff decided he liked to get dunked....

 ....fill up buckets of water...

 ....basically do anything as long as it was with Levi (who he affectionately refers to as, He-bi).
 The gang....down at the lake.

 We also got to have tubby time with the cousins....

 ....and even managed a decent family picture!

 It was so much fun to get to have extended time with the grandparents and all the little cousins!

 ....and it was so great for our family, to get to spend a few days together, no distractions!

 I loved every minute of it...
 ...and hope we get to go back again next year!  Griff does too:).

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