Monday, August 27, 2012

Rachel Derby

One of my best friends, Rachel, is getting married...really soon!  We were so excited to have a shower in her honor, and we wanted to do something a little different.  We called it Rachel Derby and made it a Kentucky Derby-esk type affair, with big hats and all.

We had appetizers, desserts and drinks, and had it all set up near a lawn bowling area (though due to heels, didn't get in too much lawn bowling).

We made the invitations with the hat lady (below) that also ended up on the cake.

We set up a few tables along with a drinks/foods table.

Sine it was a 2 pm we didn't have a ton of food, just some finger foods and light refreshments.

The bride and the mothers....

The bride and the hosts....

High school friends....

And the whole cute does everyone look with their hats!!!  Thankfully big hats are in right now and Target had a bunch for sale (which are all on clearance now)!  A lot of girls dressed them up with ribbons, flowers and feathers!
And my mom and I.....My mom actually wore the hat she wore when leaving on her cool is that!?  I hear we look a little bit alike too...:)

The countdown has truly begun for Rachel and Judd's big day and we all cannot wait to help them celebrate!

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