Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our other dining room....

Throughout most of the spring, summer and fall, we eat our meals in the porch.  Unless it is too muggy....but for the most part, we're out there enjoying the fresh air, the backyard critters, the flowers, and the airplanes (our house is somewhat on the flight path which is awesome for a one year old boy).

Anyway, we kept the table from good ole Marche who lived in the house before us, and for awhile borrowed some chairs of my grandma's that matched the table.  But, those chairs eventually made a road trip to Savannah, with Cooper in the back seat, and we were left with a table and no chairs.  Since we don't often use all 6 chairs in our dining room, we would just put two of them out there.

It started to get a little hassle-ish to get them in and out all the time, so in this season's garage sale hunt I was looking for chairs.

I found two pairs of two, one black ($3 each) one wood ($4 each), and since the table is white (but needs a fresh white), I decided to paint the chairs to match.  

 I primed and painted them.  After one can of primer, I was this I think I used 3 1/2 cans of spray primer and 2 1/2 cans of spray paint.
 And voila!  I like the chairs on the right better, they are just a little more unique....Nate voted for the ones on the left, and he won because they tuck into the table better and therefore leave more space for Griffin to cruise about in the porch.

Though we usually just keep the two chairs, it also works to have all four, and two highchairs around the small table.  And we did just that when our friends came for dinner!  Note-do not attach portable high chairs to glass table-IT WILL SHATTER.

Next table! :)  Or at least new table top to replace said shattered glass.....

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