Friday, August 31, 2012

Miss Mara

Griffin and Mara sitting in a tree....K-I-S-S-....well, you'll see.....

Griffin LOVES Mara.  I'm not making this up in a the-moms-are-friends-so-kids-will-get-married kind of way.  When I ask him at breakfast what he wants to do today he often replies, "Mara."
Needless to say, we've had tons of playdates with her and he just knows that fun is to be had when Mara is around.

So one night while over at Mara's house, we put the kiddos in their jammies and snapped some shots.  I don't know where Griff got the idea to try to kiss Mara (ahhemm...).
Mara wanted nothing to do with a kiss from Griff.  She shot him down, over and over again.
Griffin was clearly enjoying himself, trying to sneak in smooches....probably because I do it to him all day long.
Mara played hard to get, which just made Griff try even harder....Griffin is going to need lots of lessons on how to treat young ladies before he takes Mara out on their first real date. :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coopah, Coopah

Griffin and Cooper are officially BFF's.  Griffin perfected his "Coopah," from "Pffffpah" and I seriously don't know what I would do to entertain Griffin half of the time if Cooper weren't around to help me out.

Cooper is such a good dog.  He plays so nicely with Griffin, lets him pull his ears, tail, lips, arms, whatever and he just takes it.  Griffin will tackle him, roll around on top of him and even snuggle up to him and read him a book.

Griffin is also getting better at playing fetch with Cooper, but his favorites are "chase-me-I've-got-your-ball/frisbee/bone" and tug.  Just listen to the pure joy in this kid's voice, having fun with his best bud Coop.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Rachel Derby

One of my best friends, Rachel, is getting married...really soon!  We were so excited to have a shower in her honor, and we wanted to do something a little different.  We called it Rachel Derby and made it a Kentucky Derby-esk type affair, with big hats and all.

We had appetizers, desserts and drinks, and had it all set up near a lawn bowling area (though due to heels, didn't get in too much lawn bowling).

We made the invitations with the hat lady (below) that also ended up on the cake.

We set up a few tables along with a drinks/foods table.

Sine it was a 2 pm we didn't have a ton of food, just some finger foods and light refreshments.

The bride and the mothers....

The bride and the hosts....

High school friends....

And the whole cute does everyone look with their hats!!!  Thankfully big hats are in right now and Target had a bunch for sale (which are all on clearance now)!  A lot of girls dressed them up with ribbons, flowers and feathers!
And my mom and I.....My mom actually wore the hat she wore when leaving on her cool is that!?  I hear we look a little bit alike too...:)

The countdown has truly begun for Rachel and Judd's big day and we all cannot wait to help them celebrate!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Garage sale-ing that is.  Though come to think of it, these summer weekends would be good for sailing too!  Plus Griffin is obsessed with boats (unless there is a choo-choo around), and he finds them all over the place.  Who knew we had so many boats inconspicuously around our house.

Anyway, spring and summer are peak garage sale seasons in Minnesota, and I have a perfect garage sale-ing buddy.

Garage sale-ing may not be his forte, but looking cute sure is.

So here are some items I've picked up over the last few weekends....

Everything I got was at a great price, I think the most expensive item was $6....and I'm so excited for a few upcoming projects with my new finds!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our other dining room....

Throughout most of the spring, summer and fall, we eat our meals in the porch.  Unless it is too muggy....but for the most part, we're out there enjoying the fresh air, the backyard critters, the flowers, and the airplanes (our house is somewhat on the flight path which is awesome for a one year old boy).

Anyway, we kept the table from good ole Marche who lived in the house before us, and for awhile borrowed some chairs of my grandma's that matched the table.  But, those chairs eventually made a road trip to Savannah, with Cooper in the back seat, and we were left with a table and no chairs.  Since we don't often use all 6 chairs in our dining room, we would just put two of them out there.

It started to get a little hassle-ish to get them in and out all the time, so in this season's garage sale hunt I was looking for chairs.

I found two pairs of two, one black ($3 each) one wood ($4 each), and since the table is white (but needs a fresh white), I decided to paint the chairs to match.  

 I primed and painted them.  After one can of primer, I was this I think I used 3 1/2 cans of spray primer and 2 1/2 cans of spray paint.
 And voila!  I like the chairs on the right better, they are just a little more unique....Nate voted for the ones on the left, and he won because they tuck into the table better and therefore leave more space for Griffin to cruise about in the porch.

Though we usually just keep the two chairs, it also works to have all four, and two highchairs around the small table.  And we did just that when our friends came for dinner!  Note-do not attach portable high chairs to glass table-IT WILL SHATTER.

Next table! :)  Or at least new table top to replace said shattered glass.....

Monday, August 13, 2012

My scarcity

I've been a little scarce in my posts for a few reasons.

#1 it's summer and we're outside all the time.

#2 I'm taking my final class to get my Master's degree and therefore all of Griffin's naptimes are consumed with reading, taking notes, quizzing and writing giant papers.  I've turned in my final paper and now I'm waiting for my official Master Woodbury papers.  While I do enjoy the mental challenge, thinking professionally, and being accountable to someone/something other than the boys here at home, I'm glad it's done.

#3 National Nite Out....or in Edina, Nite to Unite.  For the second year in a row, my neighbor Kristi and I organized our neighborhood block party and had over 75 people come out last Tuesday night to join in the festivities.

#4 Griffin officially transitioning to one nap a day.

#5 A week of teaching Vacation Bible School at our church, which was awesome!  I had the 4 year olds and man I sure am counting my blessings with my 16 month old at home.

#6 Family vacation to Cable, WI.  We just got back into town after an amazing week in beautiful Cable, Wisconsin.  More on that to come.

Anyway, the point is, things have been busy, reaaallly busy.  But this week is get-back-into-a-routine week.   And by that I mean, morning play dates, naptime gardening, laundering, paperwork, bills, photo editing and catching this blog up on all the fun things we've been up to.  Hope you are enjoying the last few official weeks of summer too!