Friday, July 6, 2012

A Fabulous 4th

 Happy Independence Day!  What a weird week it has been with the 4th falling on a felt like a mid-week weekend.....and I kinda liked it!  I love the 4th because as long as you pack your swimsuit and a change of clothes, you remembered everything.  It's all family, friends, lazy BBQ's, swimming, golf and fun.  Celebrating our freedom....and that we did.

 We headed out early in the morning to the kiddie course at Woodhill.  It's a little three hole course and all you need is a wedge and a putter. 
Nate, Grandpa Dan, and both Uncle Joes hit up the big course for a quick 9.  Gammy and Gampy set up a nice "Fore-th of July" breakfast and golf outing for the kids (Grandma Sig's sister, Stina and her boys, Jake, Sam and Luke were in town).  Look at Griffin, really setting up his shot, making sure he's aimed correctly.
Gammy's breakfast included:
-Cherry Bomb Julius
-Fruit Sparklers
-Bangs Benedict
-Firecracker Muffins
-KABOOM Coffee
 How festive...and she just threw it all together for 7:30 tee times!
And she was super festive to boot!
 Griffin got in a few practice rounds before everyone else showed up...
 And we even managed a family pic, though it was so hot and muggy my camera lens kept fogging up!

 Griffin knows he's supposed to get the ball in the hole.... he just puts it in there...
 We cooled down in the barn with some indoor games...
 ....and then hit up the kiddie pool.
 In case you haven't seen Griff's curls in awhile.....
 And since Nate was on the course and had the keys to our car, we didn't have a swimsuit with us, so he just went in his clothes.
Next, we headed to Wayzata beach for more cooling was HOT to say the least.  We met up with Nate's family, including the most adorable 12 week old Wesley.
 The boys quickly hit the sand and water....
 A few of us stayed cool in the shade, enjoying the breeze off the lake.
 Griffin was loving the sand...
 ...and he really loves to scoop things

 Levi was showing Griff how to build a sand castle....

Look at the cousins....

 And here are the older boys, Luke, Jake and Sam.
 After the beach we headed back to the Woodbury's for a smorgasbord of a lunch, Griff took a nap (a shorty) and then we headed to Nana and Pa's (my dad and Sig's) for dinner.
 Griffin really loves these Adirondack chairs, especially the ones that are next to the flowers. 
 He likes the flowers for two reasons.....watching ants....
 ...and smelling the flowers...notice the crinkle nose.
 Gammy and Griff....
 What a fun day to just be with friends and family....and we all slept hard that night (I may or may not have been in bed before fireworks....).  Happy 4th everyone....the celebration continues because now it's already the weekend again!

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