Monday, July 16, 2012

"e" tc.....

Baby Emma was born last November to very good friends of ours.  She is one darling little girl, btw.  Anyway, they didn't know her gender until she was born so when she was born, I wanted to give them something girly and personal since they probably weren't able to personalize anything before she was born.

I made a monogrammed onesie for Griffin awhile back, and I loved how it turned out.  So I decided to give it another go as well as dabble in headband making.

I used the same Carter's oneseis I used for Griffin (the long sleeve muted colors), and found some Carter's pants to go with it and I used a polka dot fabric for the "e."

I made the headband using this tutorial (Tip Junkie).  Since I wasn't sure how big to sew the elastic of the headband, I did have to use Griffin as a guinea pig. Though he did have to try a headband on, he was not harmed in the process and there were no pictures taken to document said event.

I even made some headbands for myself!

I think the onesie and headband turned out great (though my sewing still needs work, a seamstress I am not).  I have been practicing my sewing by making onesies for all of the babies we know who were born this year, and if you are having a baby anytime soon, please act surprised if you get a similar monogrammed onesie:).

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