Friday, July 20, 2012

Leftovers for pillows

Awhile back I made Griff this outfit, with some Dwell Studio fabric I found on clearance.  I loved the colors and since Griff is a pretty "loud" guy, he could handle some loud pants.
 They are of the "big butt" variety you can read more about here.
 See how they have that nice extra fabric insert on the butt?  Perfect for cloth diapered babies.
Anyway, since we did a mini room makeover for his birthday (really just switched the bedding), I needed a new pillow to match the new bedding.   So I broke out the extra Dwell fabric which coincidentally matched the new bedding and got to work.

I made a simple little pillow and just slipped it on over the old one.  Worked like a charm!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012's about time

It's about time that he said it, and it's about time that I documented it, especially considering he said it months ago....right after he turned one.  In fact, it was really close to Mother's Day.  Anyway, he finally transitioned from calling both of us dada (emphasis placed on different syllables), to actually calling me mama.  It's the best.

And just to be sure he said it.....

 Please excuse the hair (and sideways video)....the moments you capture do not always fall on good hair days....

Monday, July 16, 2012

"e" tc.....

Baby Emma was born last November to very good friends of ours.  She is one darling little girl, btw.  Anyway, they didn't know her gender until she was born so when she was born, I wanted to give them something girly and personal since they probably weren't able to personalize anything before she was born.

I made a monogrammed onesie for Griffin awhile back, and I loved how it turned out.  So I decided to give it another go as well as dabble in headband making.

I used the same Carter's oneseis I used for Griffin (the long sleeve muted colors), and found some Carter's pants to go with it and I used a polka dot fabric for the "e."

I made the headband using this tutorial (Tip Junkie).  Since I wasn't sure how big to sew the elastic of the headband, I did have to use Griffin as a guinea pig. Though he did have to try a headband on, he was not harmed in the process and there were no pictures taken to document said event.

I even made some headbands for myself!

I think the onesie and headband turned out great (though my sewing still needs work, a seamstress I am not).  I have been practicing my sewing by making onesies for all of the babies we know who were born this year, and if you are having a baby anytime soon, please act surprised if you get a similar monogrammed onesie:).

Friday, July 13, 2012

The little things...

Over the years, I've learned more and more to find joy in the little things.  Not because I had to learn that it really was the little things that mattered, but the little things just started being more and more important.

Like Griffin moments (here and here).  The split seconds when you catch him doing something or giving a look that just melts you.  Or hearing his laugh, there is nothing I'd rather listen to.

And there are the other small things like when your husband sneaks off in the morning to get the gallon of milk you'll need before lunch but won't have time to get.  And, not only the gallon of milk does he bring, but a yummy berry mocha.  He sure does know how to start my day off right.

Just a good day to remind myself to look for joy in the little things that happen each day, and to remember how incredibly blessed we are.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The MN Children's Museum

My friend Keirda and I decided to take a trip to the Minnesota Children's Museum one hot day last week.  Keidra had taken her 1 year old Charlotte before, but Griffin had never been, and the last time I was there, I was enjoying the museum myself (as a kiddo).  Wow how it has changed!  Everything is updated and awesome.  The two coolest areas for the little kiddos (1 year-ish) were the water table station and the Habitot room.

Here are Griffin and Charlotte exploring the water tables.  They have these cute little aprons (so smart!) so they don't get their clothes all wet, and they can just splash away!

They also had little whiffle golf balls (Griff's fav) floating around so you could throw them in and fish them back out.

In case they get married someday.....
Look at those eyes!  What a doll...
Griffin's love of water began early with Cooper's water dish, and it obviously continues.....
He also loves watching older kids play.  They just think to do things that he hasn't yet, and then he tries to copy them.
Oh, and there is also a bubble station...which Griffin also loves, but....
...he liked to try to eat them as well.  I guess there are dirtier things he could try to eat, but yucky nonetheless.
The bubbles probably are geared for a little bit older crowd, as it is much higher up than the water table.
You can even see a little smear of bubbles on his cheek here...
He kept escaping the water area to go lift blocks, and throw them over the edge of this truck.  Again, copying some big kids....
Then we went to the Habitot room which is pretty much childproofed in all ways (except the stairs/ramps). 
Griff is great at getting up stairs, but since he has no fear, he tries to go right back down and isn't quite ready for that yet....
By this time, he was drooling for lunch and we headed out...but what a fun day with Keidra and Charlotte and a great place to spend a too hot summer day, or any winter day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Duvet Art?

 Well the Pinterest Challenge is back over at Bower Power and Young House Love, so here at Get-a-Griff we're jumping on that bandwagon.  You can check out their projects here and here, as well as a plethora links to other awesome ideas and projects.

I have recently seen a lot of do-it-yourself art over on Pinterest, but I had only gotten as far as making a few fabric and wrapping paper art projects.

I've caught myself wanting to try wall stencils, like this one by Courtney at Courtney Out Loud...
And this one by Jesse at Good Girl Gone Glad....
And my amazing college roommate Erica's awesome new stenciled coffee table! (With the Times)
I also caught myself knowing when a stenciling project would be too much for me to this one by Sherry at Young House Love....

So, I knew I wanted to stencil something, but without an extra Lack table lying around, and an entire wall sounding too daunting, I went the fabric route and decided to try to stencil a duvet cover.

This is a pillow I recently picked up on clearance at Target.  I actually got two of them but I really liked the look of a "painted pillow."  


Our room also has some other art in it that has a painted canvasy look so I thought they would go well. 

I had an old plain as plain can be duvet that was just calling my name to be made over.  I did a little research (highly scientific) and there isn't too much out there on painting a duvet cover.  But that has never scared me away before....I'll be the guinea pig.

I picked up some fabric paint from JoAnn, Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint, in Gray Wolf, as well as some spongey paint brushes

Then using my pillow design as a guide I traced a flowery-type shape.  It looks pretty bad here, but again, I was not phased and was still confident my design would turn out ok.

 I cut it out and placed it in the corner of the duvet.  Had I been smart I would have measured and drawn lines, planned where they would all go, made sure that an even number would fit across the duvet, etc.  But the end result was to look homemade so mistakes and imperfections were allowed.
 Then I squirted some paint in the middle of my stencil and got sponging.
 First one looked ok, simple but ok.
 Then I did another and added some curly cues.

Someone else happened to be relaxing on the other half of my project....

 He was busy watching baby bunnies.
 And occasionally giving me some love:)  He's such a sweet boy, that Cooper.
 So here's as far as I got before I ran out of paint.  I had only gotten one bottle of Gray Wolf, so I had to head back to JoAnn and picked up the last two bottles.  I hoped it would be enough, but just in case my mom picked up another bottle from the other JoAnn's on her way over that afternoon. 

And here is the final pattern complete!

This is how it looks close up, as I went on, the curlies got more curly.  It definitely looks painted, which is cool.  Now the real test will be washing it to see if it holds up. (PS-it did!)

And here is the final product on our bed....a cool new duvet (already owned) and 4 paint bottles x $1.99 for a grand total of $8.00!!! 

Don't mind the mismatched bedside tables (the other matching one doesn't fit in our tiny bedroom), the laundry baskets, or the mess of books needing to be sorted in the bedside table's shelf.

And there ya have it!

Next up, a DIY capiz chandelier....which was almost complete and then hit a major roadblock we're still trying to work through.....