Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Griffin has now advanced from single words to phrases.  His first phrase, "dada mowing."  He says it first thing when he wakes up, in hopes that dada will mow that day.  He also says it anytime we enter the garage, because that's where the mower is.
Once a week he is delighted when dada does in fact mow, and I use that time to clip his finger and toenails.  It's the only thing that will keep him still enough and distracted enough to do it.  He loves to practice on his own mower.  He knows how to put in the gas, start it up and push it along. 

He also hears them when we're out in the backyard.  Thank goodness for summer and neighbors who mow regularly, because in a crabby moment we can usually find someone mowing to get him on the happy track again.  I hope he still loves to mow in about 10 years.....

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