Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I scream you scream...

....we all scream for ice cream!  Well, everyone but Griffin around these parts.  I swear he's not even my son....the kid does not like ice cream!  I mean, it's probably a good thing in the end if he doesn't like ice cream, it is a pretty fattening habit:).  But for now I'm just chalking it up to be "too cold."

Well, Nate and I like ice cream and since Nate isn't too big on cakes, I decided to make an ice cream cake for his birthday last week.  Maybe a little selfishly, since I would get to reap the benefits of an ice cream cake as well.  I was a little nervous since the good 'ole DQ makes a pretty good ice cream cake, but with the right ingredients I might be able to match it....

So here's what I got:
 I mashed the Oreos in a bag, though next time I would use my cuisinart.  And since it wasn't perfect the first time, there will have to be a next time soon to remedy that....
Then I scooped a layer of vanilla ice cream to cover the Oreos. 
 I let it sit out at room temp for a little bit before this step so that it was easier to spread.
 Then I smoothed the ice cream as best I could without stirring up the Oreos underneath.

 Next, I poured a layer of hot fudge and then another layer of Oreos.  I don't have a picture of this since the fudge started melting the ice cream, so I just popped it into the freezer for about 4 hours.

But I do have a picture of the other member of our family who loves ice cream (or lickers at the end of my ice cream).  He admiringly watched my awesome baking skills, and politely asked for a lick.
 So I gave him one.  I promise I didn't reuse that spoon.
 When it all came out of the freezer, I added another layer of ice cream and topped it off with cool whip.
 Then I got out my mixing bowls....
 And made some colorful cool whip frosting...
 In very high tech icing bags or whatever the real bakers call them.
 I tried to make balloons like I remember there being on my birthday cakes, but the strings were too thick. 
 Griffin and dada blew out his 2 (+27) candles....
...and we cut the cake!

It was pretty delicious....especially if you like love ice cream fudge and Oreos.

 and we all had a pretty happy day for dada.  We sang happy birthday about 10 times since Griffin loves the song so much.

And the countdown to 30 begins.....


  1. Have you tried Frosty Paws for Cooper??? We just started giving it to our little pup and she loves it! It's ice cream dixie cups for dogs and they sell in the ice cream freezer at most super markets. After our evening walk she sits by the fridge hoping to get some!

    1. We have not tried Frosty Paws, but I better get my "paws" on those:)! Thanks for the tip....Cooper will be very happy!

  2. umm...........YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wait so did you just add food coloring to cool whip to make frosting or did you add anything else? i want to try this.

  4. Yeah! I just added food coloring to cool whip and spooned it into baggies, and then cut the corners!