Friday, June 29, 2012

Ew! These are the moments....

Yesterday was one of those days.  One of those days when I fell in love with Griffin all over again.  The kid wowed me all day.  He was hilarious, had me roaring on the ground, belly-aching laughing.  He was sweet, gave me countless kisses whenever I asked for them.  He was a good one year old, he ate good meals, took good naps and impressed the heck out of me with his incredible love for reading books and hearing stories.

So just before bed, we went through a handful of his favorite books and then I remembered one he loved that we hadn't read in awhile.  I dug out "Yummy, Yucky," and we began reading.  These Leslie Patricelli books are great, except for the fact that in "Yummy, Yucky," Griffin has not only eaten all of the "yummy" things but most of the "yucky" things as well.  And in "Yes, Yes, No, No," he has done all of the "no, no's" which is also a word he now says and it is hilarious (most of the time).

After we read, we got into the bathie and not 10 seconds in, he's trying to eat/drink the soapy bubbly water.  So I quickly got back into my "Yummy, Yucky" mode and said, "EW!  Soap is yucky!"  He immediately started saying, "ew!" and we went back and forth, "Ew!...Ew!...Ew!...Ew!"  All the while, laughing hysterically.  Thankfully the ipad was sitting on the floor at the bathroom door from it's job as rain machine during his naps, so I got a quick clip.  This clip doesn't do justice to the fun we were having and hilarity of the situation, but it will have to do in my making a mental memory of this day and night.

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