Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Zoo

A week ago Saturday morning Nate and I decided to take Griff to the zoo.  We went to the Como Zoo in St. Paul, which is technically free, but they do accept donations to help upkeep the place.  It was a chilly Saturday morning, but perfect for the zoo, since it wasn't too crowded and the animals were all pretty lively.

This was Griffin's face for the first 10 minutes upon entering the zoo and watching the giraffe and zebras.

Look at that scowl.
He couldn't even tear himself away for a picture with dada.
It would be pretty cool to see these things in person for the first time, after only having read about them in books.


Next we headed over to the tigers.  This guy was roaming the place and was hard to get close to.

Then we went to the bears.  The grizzlies were all out and about playing, swimming and chasing each other.

Griff loved watching them underwater.

Then the polar bears.  Man, they were huge!  The zookeepers had put carrots in the top of the fence so they would stand up to get them.  We were all in awe at their amazing height!

We also saw buffalo, who were pretty uneventful....

The sleeping mama lion....
The sleeping dada lion....

The roaming wolf...

And a ton of others including ducks, primates, fish, birds and sea lions (who always entertain me!).  It was a great first time at the zoo, we can't wait to go back!

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