Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vampire baby

This is Griffin, my 13 month old Vampire baby. 

You see, he's got his two bottom teeth, and if you look closely enough, he got a few teeth on top too....the "outsiders."
Griffin has been pretty traditional in all of his milestones.  He rolled over when they said he would, sat up when they said he would, walked when they said he would, but he got his teeth in a pretty random order.
It started out pretty normal.  Two bottom teeth.  Then he got those Vampire Teeth.  They are not the actual incisors, but they sure look it on that sweet little baby face.
They are quite hard to see, except when he smiles, which is most of the time, though still hard to capture on camera.

It's a lot easier to capture the pout and scowl, which he has also mastered.  But soon he will be Vampire Baby no more....his top two teeth have broken through and soon he'll be ready to show off his new bright white smile.

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