Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lunch dates with Daddy

Nate has been working like a maniac.  Which is good, because he's a realtor so he works on 100% commission.  But one of the down sides to being a realtor is that sometimes the hours are opposite what most jobs are, and therefore Nate sometimes doesn't make it home before Griff goes to bed.  The upside is that sometimes when he's not showing houses over the lunch hour, we get to meet him for lunch! 

For instance, last Thursday, I got a call at 11:40, "What are you doing for lunch?"  Ummm....eating finger foods with a 1 year old.  "Want to get lunch with me?"  ABSOLUTELY.

Griff and I LOVE meeting dada for lunch.  Griffin well, from the moment Nate leaves until the moment he comes home, mutters "dada" all day long excited just to get to see him again.  So, needless to say, he loves it.  As for me, adult conversation, with my husband nonetheless, an amazing way to spend an hour during the day. 

Nate, keep working hard to bring home the bacon....we love that you make time for us in the middle of your busy days!

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