Thursday, May 10, 2012

From Pregnancy Brain to Mommie Brain

I no longer have the excuse of pregnancy brain, in fact, haven't for some time now.  You always hear funny stories of women who are pregnant, doing weird things, and I never thought I'd be one of them.  Pregnancy brain hit me a few times, in pretty mild occasions.  The most memorable was getting into the shower with my clothes on, but really nothing too out of the ordinary (who doesn't do that every once it a while:)?).  Oh, and another time I went on a hike with Nate and his parents at Copper Falls, Nate's dad stood face to face with a deer, then come dinner time back at the cabin in front of the whole family, I was like, "Nate!  Guess what happened today?  Your dad was so close to a deer he almost touched it!"  Nate was like, "....ummmm...I was there, remember?"  Yeah, it happens to the best of us, right?  Anywhoo....

Then came the postpartum fog.  I had read somewhere (sorry can't remember where) that after the baby, you feel great, hormones racing and all of the sudden, the baby is 3 months old and you realize you've been in a fog the past 3 months, thinking you were feeling great, but were really pretty out of it the entire time.  Then the baby is 6 months and you look back and really think you have now come out of the fog...and then 9 months...same thing.  Finally, maybe by your child's first birthday you are thinking clearly again.

The postpartum fog hit me, hard.  Surely this happens to everyone who has had a child, it even happens to the Hollywood Housewife.  I have no idea if other moms feel like this, but I certainly have only realized it in hindsight.  In Griffin's first year, I have forgotten more birthdays (and anyone who knows me, knows I am a birthday person), missed appointments, missed baby showers, forgot to pick up our friends' dog from the kennel, and have lost my train of thought more this year than at any other time in my life.  Even my busiest college semester of 20 credits, even in the full swing of volleyball season, AP testing, etc. in high school and even during wedding planning, I have never felt so forgetful. 

I do know that with the birth of Griffin, came so many new things to remember and think about, but really, so much that I can't remember simple things?  I'm putting this out there, just in case.  Maybe you or someone you know is a new mom and has done something totally out of character....under the umbrella of forgetfulness, know that you/she is not alone and extend her some grace.  Because man, if her child has half as much energy as my child, she needs it.

*Update...since writing this, I have lost one more VERY important item that I can't even talk about, but apparently the fog continues beyond the 1st birthday....

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