Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Savannah 2012-First days

it's a good thing my mom packed everything and the kitchen sink crib rails.  Yep, she actually carried crib rail protectors on the plane.  She also brought this awesome Gerry pack cerca 1984.  We actually just got a brand new one, but since my mom is not afraid of being that lady in the airport, wearing a baby pack without a baby in it, we decided to let her bring it instead:).

Our first few days in Georgia, it was just Griffin, my mom and me.  Starting on the plane ride down, Griffin got really goopy eyes.  Maybe it was allergies, maybe a cold, but it resolved in a few days and I think the humidity/fresh Georgia air did the trick.   You can see his eyes are a little swollen here.
Before the rest of the family got in, my mom and I worked like dogs to get the place ready, and Griffin and I did lots of walking and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.
This trip made me realize how much I hope he walks before full blown summer is here.   He can't help but face the ground and try to eat everything he crawls by (we found out the bunny poops in our backyard look like cereal puffs-and thankfully I was able to snatch it away before he could taste it to find out).
He loved to go for walks down the neighborhood streets and practice pointing at cars, dogs and his favorite, duckies.  There is an observation tower that looks out over the marsh to the ocean and we saw duckies there everyday.  And little tiny crabs!
Though my mom said she was going to be super focused and not have too much playtime with Griffin, he figured out that anytime he crawled to her, she would give him some love and attention.

  To say he adores her, is an understatement.
He quickly found all of the mischievous things he was not supposed to play with, despite our initial baby proofing efforts.  Thankfully the back up troops would be arriving soon and there would be more eyes to watch Griff and more opportunities to entertain him.
The first few days were hard work and relaxing at the same time.  There is something about working on someone elses "To-Do" list that is refreshing and more enjoyable than your own.  It was a memorable few days and so special to get to spend it with my mom and Griffin.  Up next: the rest of the family arrives.....

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